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Join us at our next event!

T-CAIREM Medical Conference 

Squint and Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) present at the 2023 T-CAIREM medical conference, hosted by the University of Toronto (UofT). 

Poster Title: Identifying Trusted and Ambiguous Regions in Neural Network Predictions: High-Fidelity AI For Image Pathology

From left to right - Damian Fozard (Squint), Kayvan Tirdad (TMU), Kenneth Wenger (Squint) - © 2024 

Starting the year with a bang!
CES 2023

Squint AI is starting the year with a bang at #ces2023 in Las Vegas! Come see us at booth 6617 of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, West Hall.

CES 2023

Squint AI is taking over Autonomy at CES. 

We are very excited with the turn out, and new partnerships.

We are showing the industry that reliable AI is possible.


Quotes from the event

"Squint AI bridges the gap between a perception pipeline that's inherently probabilistic, and the trust our customers expect in production environments"

"To us, Squint AI means that we can finally shine a light into the black box that is artificial neural networks.

It is such a brilliant concept! We squint when we are not sure, and so should our models!" 

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