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It's easy to change the world. The challenge is to make it better

Help us make the world better


22 King Street South, Suite 204

We are located in Waterloo Ontario 

We are a global company with the majority of our team spread remotely, but for those preferring an office environment, we maintain our headquarters in Waterloo Ontario, Canada.


At Squint we are changing the world by making AI responsible

Squint is not a job. We offer careers with meaning. AI affects many aspects of our lives and will continue to do so in the future. At Squint we want the algorithms that will soon take care of our family members (and yours) to make responsible decisions. That responsibility is too great to leave to anyone else.

If you feel the same, join our team!

LLM Applications Engineer

We are looking for an exceptional Machine Learning applications engineer with experience aligning Microsoft Copilot and/or OpenAI's ChatGPT models to downstream tasks using prompt-engineering, chain-of-thought prompting, and fine-tuning.


We are looking for passionate data scientists with proven experience modelling high-dimensional data. An in-depth understanding of dimensionality reductions algorithms like PCA, SVD, and TSNE is required.

UI Designer

If you are a UI designer with impeccable taste, this is your chance to make a mark in one of AI's most important platforms.  Apply now to join the Squint development team.


We are looking for a driven, self-motivated, deep learning guru. In depth understanding of popular neural network architectures like ResNet, Inception and Transformers is a must. If this is you, apply to join the Squint research team.

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